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The Sem Business Blueprint Exposed
By Raymond Clarksen
The release of SEM Business Blueprint was heralded as another major achievement from its creators Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey before many people had even had a chance to examine it. That has led Read more...

Welcome to KEYWORDS TUTORIAL - your comprehensive best internet resource.

Below, you'll find extensive information on leading best internet articles and products to help you on your way to success.

Exactly How To Create A Resource Box That Works
By 2RLove
Do you believe in the power of article writing?

I do!

Even without a good resource box you receive backlinks from highly ranked websites which drive your search engine rankings ever upward.

However, the best part of article marketing is the resource box, so why miss out on the benefits of good resource boxes? Especially if you paid hard earned money to purchase an automated article submission software package.

I can't think of one good reason. Therefore, this article will tell you exactly how to create a resource box that works.

*** THE NAME ***
I can't tell you how important it is for you to use your name (even pen name) in your resource box.

Some article directories even provide your author name at the top if one is given. The power of name recognition should indeed be self-evident.

Without giving your name many of the best article directories on the web like EzineArticles.com won't even publish your article since they cannot prove the authentic nature of the material.

That's why I

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

invariably start my resource boxes out by providing my name. I learned the hard way you don't have to.

*** THE LURE ***
Presumably, if you are writing an article while including an author box you have something to promote be it a website, blog or whatever. This is where you do exactly that.

Many people will tell you to hyperlink the actual keywords you are targeting. This works fine for some article directories but not all take such code in their resource boxes.

That's why I prefer to provide the lure and get to the hyperlink in my next step. Let's say I wrote an article about "Automated Article Submission Software".

First, I don't settle with writing only one article but I write two that are similar but totally different styles.

Then, right after the name I add something like...
===> Read more about Automated Article Submission Software @

*** THE LINK ***
If your reader has read through your material and know is reading your resource box you know you have caught their attention. Since they have read one article by you it is quite plausible to expect them to read another one that is of similar scope.

So after the above step I simply put the URL for where to find the other article. The trick is to name the file the same as the title and including the keyword preferably long tail keyword) in both areas. That way when you add the link to the file you are hyperlinking the keywords that you are targeting as well your domain name which should be another niched keyword for the website you are building.

In my case the domain name contains "Search Engine Optimization" - Definite words I want to niche for and the title of this article would be "Automated Article Submission Software" which is highly niched for this specific article within that domain. The result is a 2 for the price of 1 keyword link strategy.

*** THE CLOSE ***
I mentioned earlier that I write two different articles and then link them together. That is indeed exactly what I do. What I didn't say above is that I post one article to my blog and the other to my website before linking them. Then instead of linking to the root of my blog or website I go to the exact page that these items are on and link those specific pages together.

Search Engines love lower level links much more than root level links.

Readers love not having to search for what they want to find.

You'll love the results of pleasing both the search engines and your readers at the same time.

*** SUMMARY ***
Writing a resource box is relatively easy as long as you keep the above steps in mind. I've heard about other things a person can provide like...

* Your physical contact information
* A free report
* Your email autoresponder link
* And the like

But given that many directories only allow for 2 maybe 3 links. Why not keep it simple clear and concise while allowing your readers to explore your web creatives themselves for further promotional opportunities?

That's why, no matter if I'm using an automated article submission software or not I keep it simple when approaching my own dilemmas of how to create a resource box.
Guy Siverson (SEOGuy) Like this article? Read Writing Resource Box The Wrong Way @ seo-and-beyond.com/A-Art-Dir/Tit1/Generating-Traffic-Thru-Article-Directories/Writing-Resource-Box-The-Wrong-Way.htm. Partner of ViralMarketing4U.com

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our best internet website.

Market Research And Affiliate Marketing
By Geoffrey Yumul
In today's global struggles, one that is most alarming is recession. People all over the world are losing jobs! That is why the idea of making money online is getting even more attractive, and one of Read more...


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