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Google Adsense
By SpiderZ
There are other factors that contribute in achieving a good SEO. But for an exceptional search engine optimization to be achieved, much emphasis has to be laid on the keyword; it's not just the Read more...

Best Multi-level Marketing Opportunities - Find The Best Mlm Keywords On Amazon
By Michael Goudelock
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10 Seo Tips To Boost Your Organic Ranking
By OrganicWithSEO
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Internet Marketing Tip - You Must Use Keywords In Search Engine Optimization (seo)
By Stacey Morgan Smith
Sometimes SEO specialists are asked to do the impossible - jump right in and optimize a site. "There's no time for keyword research. Get links, links, links!"

Every business needs links to their site to build authority, but every site MUST find and use keywords to attract the right visitors to their site. Using the right keywords is an integral part of your search engine optimization efforts.

What are keywords?

Keywords, or keyword phrases, are the words you use on your Web site to talk about your product or service. They are also generally the words that searchers type into search engines (query) to find your site.

They are

* product or service words (boats, shoes, SEO, repairs),
* descriptive words (gray slate, budget-conscious, experienced), or
* (geographic words (Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, etc.), to name a few.

Searchers are becoming more specific in their queries. Almost 60% of all searches are 3 or more words. When you write your content, you should know which keywords to use.

Searchers' goals influence your choice of keywords. A searcher may be researching an item

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

or they may be ready to buy.

Generally speaking, researchers want broad or general information, and buyers want more specific information. SEO "rules" change every day, but this one has remained constant.

If I wanted to find a hotel in Northern Virginia, I may search for "Northern Va Hotels" to get more information on pricing and specific locations; however, if I have already done my research and I'm ready to book a room, I may search with much more specific words, such as "Northern Fairfax Virginia Hampton Inn."

You should have information on your site to appeal to both types of searchers; however, you may want to use different pages. If the focus of your site is selling an item, provide some pages that are purely informational. This will get more visitors to your site. It may also gain you links from other sites if they consider your information useful to their customers or readers.

How do you choose keywords?

Start by thinking of every word that could be used to describe your product. Write down words people may search for to find your site. Ask other people - friends, coworkers, social networkers.

Once you have a list of possible keywords, use some of the wonderful free tools Google has provided to think outside of the box. The Google Search-based Keyword Tool, Google Trends, and Google Insights for Search provide additional keyword opportunities.

Another free tool, Google Analytics, provides in-depth visitor behavior analysis and keyword data to help you fine tune your keyword list. In addition, if you have a site search tool, you will find additional clues as to what information site visitors look for on your site.

Finally, don't forget the "long-tail keywords." These are keyword phrases that may not get a great deal of traffic overall in the search engines but are very specific to your product. While the number of searchers may be lower, they tend to be more qualified because the query more closely matches your product.

How do you write with your keywords?

Well, you DON'T fill a page with them. Anybody can copy and paste their keywords over and over, but that's one way for search engines to drop you from their index.

You should try to work your keywords into your content. Use them the way you would in natural speech. Forcing yourself to use the same tense or plural form of a word is awkward to the reader and search engines notice.

Using "buy," "buys," and "buying" is more natural than just "buy." In addition, using both "car" and "cars" is better than just "car."

Try to use your keyword phrase together. Proximity matters. "Northern Virginia Hotels for the experienced traveler" is read better than "Hotels for the experienced traveler who is looking for a place to stay in the Northern Virginia area."

Use synonyms. While most people may search for "Northern Virginia Hotels," some may search for "Northern Virginia Motels." If it is natural to interchange two words without affecting the quality or meaning of your content, you should do so.

Use your keywords in your page titles. A well-structured title tag is an important part of an optimized site.

Keywords are vital to SEO. The right words will bring qualified traffic to your site and answer searchers' questions...but only if you use them! An SEO campaign without keywords is like rowing a boat without oars -- You know where you're going but are stuck without the right tools.
Stacey Morgan Smith is the director of search engine optimization at NetStrategies, an Internet marketing company based in Northern Virginia, and tweets daily SEO tips at www.twitter.com/staceymsmith Contact NetStrategies at www.netstrategies.com if you're ready to get more leads from your Internet marketing.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our best dual website.

Affiliate Marketing: Are All Keywords Created Equal
By Adrienne Smith
If you are involved in affiliate marketing, you might be wondering if all keywords are created equal. The answer to that question is definitely not. Some are worth a whole lot more than others. So, Read more...


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