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10 Steps In Ppc Process
By IMRI Institute
1. Set Goals for Cost per Conversion: Your PPC campaign will be profitable only if the total cost per conversion is lower than your break even point. Your goal should be to get most conversions with Read more...


The Best Way To Find Low Cost Keywords For Any Niche
By Andrew Kryzak
Almost everyone familiar with internet marketing knows that low priced keywords are a key ingredient for pay per click success. You can’t expect to be profitable, in most cases, paying two and three Read more...

Google Adsense
By SpiderZ
There are other factors that contribute in achieving a good SEO. But for an exceptional search engine optimization to be achieved, much emphasis has to be laid on the keyword; it's not just the Read more...

How To Get Fresh Ideas For Your Web Site Content
By Michael Z. Goudelock
There are so many benefits that any website will gain from having a regular stream of fresh web site content. For one, it will help the site rank well in the search engine results for the keywords Read more...

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How To Do Seo For Your Joomla Website In Easy Steps?
By Arvind Webmaster
It is evident that a website needs to be optimized for better ranking in the search engines and therefore there are a few key steps that must be followed to do the SEO of one's Joomla website. Following are such ten basic steps:

1. Make use of the Keyword in the Title Tag
Your keyword is the chief phrase and making use of it in the title tag affects the page ranking of your website during searches. You have to be very careful while choosing the title tag as Joomla employs the same tag for the article's title as well as for insite links.

2. Use anchor text of Inbound Links
Anchor text

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

is the group of words that are visible in blue colour and are usually underlined (link) to navigate from one website to another. Using inbound links with keywords for your articles always help in better ranking.

3. Increase Link Popularity
The number of pages that link or direct the user to your page is known as link popularity. More the number of sites that link to the main webpage, the better.

4. Site maturity
There is not much that one can do about the time period that a site has been active, however, it does affect if the registration of the domain is old. One should note that spam websites are not very old and therefore are not reliable. The age of the domain is assessed to judge the site's reliability.

5. Interlinking Popularity
This is the same as link popularity with a difference of links from within the website. You can use anchor links within your site under the headings like 'Most Read', 'Latest Stories' and "Related Items" or "Archives". A sitemap that links directly to your homepage is effective too.

6. Use of keywords in Body of the text
The trick is to use the targeted keywords in the paragraphs that appear in the beginning and in the end. One can use the keyword density tool to check the density and then add the top three keywords to the Meta title of the page. This way the particular page gets optimized for a few words. Also, play with the font of the keywords and filenames; use them as bold and strong tags.

7. Reduce File Size
It is often noted that files that are bigger in size have problems in getting optimized. Therefore, in case you are making use of heavy graphics in your web design, do make sure the sizes are small so that they don't deter the process of SEO.

8. Keep a simple URL
The more simple your URL, the easier it is for people to remember it.
Author has vast experience in the digital marketing strategy planning and management. He is currently associated with the premier full service Digital agency that combines a strategic brand consulting and design expertise of an interactive advertising agency.

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Seo Copywriting Services And Ranking – Exploring Reality
By Sunita Biddu
What is SEO all about?Search engine optimization – SEO is the latest buzz word on the Internet for those who seek publicity for their website. It is about creating a website Read more...


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