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Resolving Aggression In Your Dog
By Valerie Mellema
Aggression can be a difficult problem with which to contend. Not only can it make it difficult to live with your dog, but there can also be safety concerns as well. Getting to the bottom of what is Read more...


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Dog Training For Different Stages
By Damien

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Dog training is the process of teaching a dog various kinds of behavioral responses under specified circumstances and to commands. involves stages, and not all types of training are suitable for all dogs.

Basic training is the first stage of dog training. This stage of training is for dogs who have never been trained before. Dogs are taught obedience in this stage. Behavior such as sit, stay, down, come and close are taught in this stage. The recall or the come command is the most important of all these for the simple reason that you should be able to make the dog come to you in case of danger. It is important that you behave pleasantly after the dog responds to the come command, as it is likely to understand that it will be punished if it comes to you, and will not do it again, if you punish it.

Positive reinforcement is adopted to train the dog at this stage. The idea is to reward your dog immediately after it responds to your commands, and the pleasant behavior will make your dog respond to your commands in the future almost instantly. You should reward the dog immediately after its response, that is to say, within seconds, so that it can associate the reward with responding to commands. Other important commands in this stage are watch me, leave and off.

After your dog has received basic training, it can move on to intermediate training. This stage of is not for puppies, and only adult dogs well-versed with basic training should receive intermediate training. In the intermediate stage, your dog is taught to fetch an object and return to the thrower, to heel and to walk on a leash, which is thorough close command training. You also teach the dog basic training behaviors in more detail.

Agility is taught to dogs in this stage. Agility training makes your dog more confident, physically flexible and faster. The dog is directed through an obstacle course, which are hard for the dog to complete without human assistance. The dog's handler is not allowed to touch the dog; all he can use is voice and body signals. A-frame, dog walk, seesaw and crossover are the common obstacles your dog is taught to cross.

The last stage of is the advanced stage. This is for adult dogs, too. Only dogs that have passed a training course are fit to move on to advanced training. In advanced training, all basic and intermediate training aspects are practiced again. You follow it up by teaching the dog to respond to those commands by using just hand signals.

After the dog learns to respond to hand signals well, you teach the dog to walk beside you without the help of a leash. You also train the dog to not get distracted by other things when you are around and pay all its attention to you. Broad jumps, quick sit and down responses, off-leash recall and off-leash place commands are also taught in this stage.
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Dog Training - Dogs And Parks
By Emma Jane
If you’re not yet convinced that serious training can only be done with the guidance of a professional, then here are some reasons why that it should, to help you Read more...

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