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Dog Potty Training Older Dogs
By dusty road
Dog Potty Training older dogs is more likely difficult than training a 6 month old puppy. I have a first hand experience on this, trust me. I have no idea before that I could train a dog to pee or Read more...


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Critical Factors For Managing Ducks For Egg Production
By Mary Louise
Many people enjoy keeping a small flock of ducks on their farm or around their homes when space is available. In many cases, ducks are kept for their ability to be good egg producers. The following Read more...

Dog Breed Training Groups Might Not Be For You
By James N
When training your dog there are hundreds of books, videos, and even internet websites to help with just about any problem you have with your dog. If you have come through to a juncture with your Read more...


Choosing A Dog Training Course
By Todd Nelson -
You've got a dog with behavior problems, or you just plain want your dog to listen to you, but you don't know where to begin. You need help and answers badly, but you don't want to spend hundreds or Read more...

Dog Training Part V: The Command Voice
By Hagar Lagarto
When giving commands to a dog, a calm, firm, authoritative voice is most effective. Dogs do not respond well to hesitant, pleading voices, nor to yelling, which might sound to the dog like Read more...

5 Puppy Training Tips For A Better Dog
By Nick Luvera
Who doesn't love a puppy? They are cute, fluffy, and playful. However, don't let those innocent puppy eyes fool you - all puppies grow up to be dogs, and puppies growing up without the benefit of Read more...

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Yoga Training For Teachers - But Where To Go?
By Ramona Meisch

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Yoga is 'in'. Twenty years ago it was different but today yoga has become fashion and part of modern living - and thousands of people in America and Europe cannot imagine life without it anymore. Yoga Teachers are needed and this is how more and more yoga teachers want to really have deep knowledge and as much experience as they can get so that they can give their students what they ask for: complete and really good yoga classes from which they leave relaxed, energized, strengthened and in peace with themselves and the world. Great ambition, now go and get your advanced yoga teacher training, then you can start!

Looking for a yoga teacher training today you will find an overwhelming variety of options in all different price categories. From low budget trainings in packed classes and small studios to private trainings in your home which obviously are a little bit more expensive. Some courses make you a yoga teacher in three years, others do it in less than a month. The decision can be difficult not to speak from the choice of different traditions. You need to know first what you want to learn: Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and many other yoga styles with a great variety of names some of which you have never heard of before. So how to find out which one to go to? Of course you can choose one of them but with each class you will be aware that you will miss out on what all the others have to offer. Another factor is that you know somewhere inside that these all are western teachers who have often learned from other western teachers as well. You feel the urge to learn authentic yoga as it is taught in its country of origin, in India. You cannot have it all, can you?

Actually yes, you can! In India you can nowadays find a variety of yoga trainings especially designed for yoga teachers who want to go deeper into their practice, who want to extend their knowledge about Asanas as well as philosophy and who want to get a feeling of what yoga is in its roots. You learn how to create variations of the basic Asanas and you get to know how you can design yoga workshops and yoga classes on certain subjects like yoga for stress reduction, yoga for weight loss or yoga for back pain. In a good advance training you should learn more about Kriyas like nauli, nehti and many and how to use them, a topic which is usually only roughly touched by the average yoga teacher training. You see, a good yoga teacher training can give you a whole new world of ideas for improving your yoga lessons plus you get to experience this authentic way of teaching first hand.

It is best if the place where you are being taught also offers accommodation and food. Then you don't need to worry about anything like when to get food and from where but can just fully dive into your practice and into exploring abilities which were hidden to you until now. Philosophical lectures teach you more about the yoga philosophy and how it is implemented into everyday's life which you can experience right where you are, in India. Of course it is great if the group is small because you can ask questions and the teachers will be able to pay close attention to you and your individual wishes for improvement. Another factor, not less important, is the nutrition which in any good yoga training centre will be vegetarian, yogic, sattvic food. And here again, the benefit of being in India is that you explore the delicious variety of Indian cuisine. Great!

And this is how you get it all: you explore India, learn authentic yoga by real yogis, practice different yoga styles and access deep knowledge about the essence of yoga.
In Swami Balendu's Ashram in India you can take part in Yoga Teacher Trainings , www.jaisiyaram.com/ayurvedicyoga.htm">Ayurveda and Yoga Holidays and Retreats and more. You can find more information on Ayurvedic cooking, spiritual development and spiritual healing and Swami Ji's workshops all over the world as well as our children charity projects on www.jaisiyaram.com

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How To Start Agility Training For Dog
By Provoc
Due to a rule, agility training should start month the pet is still a little guy. However, owners could still help training cloak older dogs. The question “when is the dog considered decrepit for Read more...

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