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One Of The Most Popular Methods Of Dog Training Is The Leash Collar Style Of Training
By J. Brian Keith
There are many different styles of dog training, and finding the one that works best for you is important for creating a dog that is a talented, loyal and faithful member of the family. All Read more...


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Common Misconceptions About The Cairn Terrier
By John P Jackson
As well-known, adorable little dogs often seen in Hollywood, many people who have never interacted with a Cairn Terrier in person assume they know a lot about the breed! However, there Read more...

Free Dog Training Tips
By Chris Simpson
The Internet is the best and probably the most comprehensive source of information in the world; so, if you’re looking for free dog training tips to improve the relationship with your four-legged Read more...


Puppy Potty Training Tips To House Train Your Dog
On the arrival of a new puppy take him straight from his journey to his toilet area chances are he will need to toilet straight away, but even so taking him to his toilet area will help to reinforce Read more...

Choosing The Right Dog Training Lead For Your Pet
By Roland Parris Jefferson III
When a new dog is brought home for the first time, the pet is usually greeted with all the comforts that will make up their new home. In addition to new food dishes and shiny toys, there’s usually a Read more...

Dog Training, Training Your Dog
By Samuel Murray
Obedient dogs make the best companions. Time spent training your dog will reward you with a pet that is deeply bonded to you, respects you and is a joy to have around. Training your dog doesn't Read more...

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How To Decide If You Need A Pet Car Seat Or Pet Carrier For My Dog Or Kitty
By MzzzMeow

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

How to decide what type of Pet travel product is needed? Pet Car Seat or Pet Carrier?

Well that all depends on several factors. This article is to help you break it down to what will work best for you and your pet's needs. We believe first and foremost keep things basic. Meaning don't go out and get something you think you need and end up not using it. Instead, do the research on that particular product and go for it.

In any new adventure when traveling with your pet it is vital to be prepared and plan ahead especially if it's a trip and not just every day outings. Here is additional information on basic Travel Tips, not covered in this article

Okay, the several key factors to think about:

1. What mode of transportation are you using?

CAR: There's a wide variety of pet car seats available on line to choose from specifically designed for all types of cars & Suv's. People like to use pet car seats who don't want to leave their dogs or kitties behind or simply don't have enough space in the car for pets during travel. The pet car seat is a secure area, while limiting them from wandering keeping him or her safe and to boot, keeping your car seat clean.

One of the most popular selling car seats is the Oversized Dog Car Seat that is just perfect booster seat for your small pets that love to ride in your car. It features a seat belt slot that adds more security to your pet. The Oversized Dog Car Seat is made of comfortable and soft foam covered in a Sherpa interior. You also can choose from different fabric designs and 2 sizes that will match your dog's needs.

PLANE: Pet Carriers are mostly used for Airline Travel and/ or going to the vet's (for the kitties out there!). For traveling by plane you need to make sure it is an AirlineApproved carriers. Just think about if you want to be able to carry your beloved pet or stroll them along, then mostly likely you will need a pet carrier. There are some that can be utilized for the car seat belt so they are secure while traveling in the car. Make sure though if you are traveling by air, the carrier is airline approved. Another great idea is a combination of carrier and stroller in one.
˙ ˙ ˙ ˙

2. Is this product for an every day occurrence, i.e., during errands/dog park/visiting friends ( you get the idea) - Or is it for a plan trip? For this you may want to consider a pet stroller if your dog is small. Also, don't forget there are several types of Strollers designed for the back of the bicycle, as well as going for a hike, and you want to use a backpack for some or all of the time.

3. Once I get there do I need any other equipment? For example if you are traveling by plane and you have your pet carrier, will you be renting a car or using someone's car and need a pet car seat? This may be on of those circumstances where you may need both. Again, it depends on your pet, whether cat or a dog and her/his size.

Truly, you know your pet or pets and what they will be happy with. If this is the first time they will be using a pet car seat, carrier or stroller order one well in advance so you know and they know what it's going to be like. Make sure you know what the return policy is on the product(s) you decide on.

Stay Balanced, Happy and Safe during any outings with your beloved dog and or cat!
Feel free to visit Travelin' Paws for Essential Pet Travel Safety Products www.TravelinPaws.com

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to dog training that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our Dog Seminars website.

Properly Crate Training Your Dog
By Andrew Bicknell
The best time to start crate training any dog is when he is a puppy, or if that is not an option when you bring him home for the first time. If you decide that crate training is something you want to Read more...

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