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Crate Training Your American Pit Bull Terrier: Will It Help Your Dog?
By Tim Amherst -
Crate training is one of the most often misunderstood dog training techniques. Many questions often come up when discussing the topic of crate training such as: “How can I use crate training to teach Read more...


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Dog Obedience Training: Where To Start?
By James Kronefield
Dog obedience training was probably the last thing on your mind when you first selected your puppy. As you may well know now, for that puppy to remain as adorable as when you first got him or her, a Read more...

Properly Crate Training Your Dog
By Andrew Bicknell
The best time to start crate training any dog is when he is a puppy, or if that is not an option when you bring him home for the first time. If you decide that crate training is something you want to Read more...


4 Tips To Litter Train A Dog
By Anthony Lee
And you thought litter boxes were only for cats. As it turns out, litter box can also be for dogs. That is for small dogs. Usually, it is the small dogs that stay inside an owner's home. Read more...

Training A Dog Not To Bite
By Tom Shadow
Ask any young dog and you will find that its favourite occupation is to chew something. Using its teeth is important to a dog and therefore, training a dog not to bite is essential to stop Read more...

House Training Your Dog Efficiently
By Richard Cussons
House training presents the following problem for you and your dog: getting your dog to pee and poo where you taught him to do so. People who took for granted housetraining end up doing a bad job Read more...

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How An Idiot Can Do Dog Training Professionally
By ChristyJonpns

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Robert Roger

The socialization period of a puppys life begins when it is twenty one days old. Puppys socialize by engaging actively in social play and playful sexual behavior. A puppy is highly adventurous during the socialization stage and needs to be carefully monitored.

The first eight weeks of a puppys life is crucial because they are its formative years. Puppies that are cuddled and petted during the first eight weeks of their lives grow up psychologically and emotionally fine. Dogs that are problematic in nature most likely never had all the physical contact the needed in their early developmental stages.

Make sure that you get all the members of your household involved in the session so that they too will be able to exercise some form of authority and control over your dog too. If you are the only person your dog listens to, when you are away, other people at home will not to be able to exert some form of control over it and that can cause problems.

You need to understand that the mind of a dog is linear if you want to train it successfully. A dog can understand a string of commands in one setting but may have to be reeducated with the same string of commands in another setting. A dog that obeys a sit command at home may be confused when you order it to sit in a park because of the change of location.

Any slight change in the tone of your voice when you issue commands can throw a dog into confusion. Dogs that have grown so used to a particular tone of voice may be unsure about what to do if a different tone is used. Be consistent in both the tone and the speed of what you are saying so that your dog will understand it.

The click training refers to the use of the clicker to train your dog. Click training is especially good for people who have a problem maintaining a steady voice tone to when issuing out commands to dogs. Click training has fostered many successfully trained dogs.

Dogs have been a companion of man for a long time. The early man used dogs to go hunting with. Dogs are creatures of companionship by nature and can therefore be easily tamed.

It is essential that you know the right kind of chew toy to buy for your dog. A poorly selected chew toy wont distract your dog for too long. The right kind of chew toy for your dog will have it munching less on your household valuables.
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Collie Temperament And Talent
By Lamar Deane
Both the smooth and rough coated Collie share the same even temperament and ability to learn. Never a dog to go out of his way to seek trouble, this dog meets trouble when and as it comes in a most Read more...

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