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Internet Marketing Tip - You Must Use Keywords In Search Engine Optimization (seo)
By Stacey Morgan Smith
Sometimes SEO specialists are asked to do the impossible - jump right in and optimize a site. "There's no time for keyword research. Get links, links, links!"Every business Read more...


Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Insights
By Rachel Messina
When considering marketing for online businesses—for any type of website—search engine marketing rules. But before delving into search engine marketing and its advantages for ecommerce, it is Read more...

Ppc Marketing....do Your Keywords Miss The Mark?
By William J Thomas
One of my first online business ventures was an Oldies Internet radio station I started with a longtime friend of mine. While he was the Oldies music expert, I was the person responsible for getting Read more...

Bidvertiser Versus Google Adsense Ppc Program
By Moon Saud
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Must Follow Beginners Steps To Seo
By Raj Sharma007
As we all know that SEO for our website is "must do" thing for online publishers. In this article I want to share my experience with search engine optimization and website / keyword optimization for beginners.

If you have money to invest for your online business, it would be better to hire some good SEO services to promote your website online. If you don't want to waste your money, you can optimize your site your self. For beginner's website owner or online publisher, biggest question would be which way to follow to promote website, and which is the best ways for beginners. Well, SEO

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

is group of many things like...

1. Search engine submission.
2. Directory Submission.
3. Link Exchange.
4. Article Submission.
5. Forum & BLOGS.
6. Web Content optimization, keywords.
7. Mass email, news letters, and many more....

But to do all these self as beginners would be come too hard and time consuming. Here I think my experience in SEO can help you understand the "must follow steps for beginners". Once you site is online follow below steps as soon as possible.

1. Submit your website to only major search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO. (Don't panic about other medium S.E.)
2. Install GOOGLE analytic tools in your website. it will help you observe your web traffic and interest of your visitors. If you know interest of your visitors, you can serve them better.
3. Submit your site to few top ranking free web directory sites like dmoz.org (don't panic about other thousands web directory)
4. Concentrate on your websites main keyword while creating articles for it.
5. Each page of your site must have unique "Title", "meta description", "meta keyword" tags, and content of that page must be related to your Meta keywords and Title of that page.
6. Attach your site's link to all your online activity like mailing, bogging, and forum submitting and commenting as your signature. This will spread your site's back link over the Internet. And help you bring referral visitors and higher page rank.

According to me these are the enough things as first steps to start in SEO for beginners online publishers, and also remember my thumb rule "It is better to update your site weekly and on regular basis, instead of putting all together on the same day" because search engine loves to visit active and continuously updating sites again and again.
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And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our google adwords keywords website.

Keyword Spy Ppc Software Review
By Shannon Hilson
When it comes to important points that you can't afford to overlook when it comes to marketing, maintaining, and seeing to the future of your website, proper use of keywords is at the top of the Read more...


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