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Do You Have High Cholesterol?
By MBodel
Like high blood pressure, elevated is a quiet problem until tragedy strikes. Regular blood tests can reveal the problem, often prior to major damage to your body. Here is some information about and what can happen when high is left unchecked.

Most people know that comes from foods, but what may not be such common knowledge is that it is also produced in your own body. Some is important, because it helps form cell membranes and some hormones. It's also part of bile, which is used in digestion.

While some is needed, many people have more than enough. Whether it's hereditary or from food sources, too much can cause hardening of the arteries. This can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other damage to your circulatory system.

There are other things that unchecked high can affect. In men, it can affect your sex life dramatically. First off, it lowers the levels of testosterone in your body, and second the build up of plaque lessens the amount of blood that can arrive in that region. Other possible problems include vertigo, eye problems and the formation of stones.

Most people think that high is a problem for those middle aged and older, but that is not true. Children

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and young adults can also develop high cholesterol, particularly if they are overweight. However, BMI (body mass index) is not usually effective in figuring out of a child or young adult has high cholesterol. Blood tests are still required.

Knowing how much is in the foods you eat is important. All animal products contain some cholesterol, but some are better than others. Fish and seafood do contain cholesterol, but as they are lower in fat than some other foods. This makes them a better choice over meats.

When it comes to other meats, you might be surprised at which foods are low in cholesterol. At first, it was recommended that you avoid beef and pork, and concentrate on chicken, turkey and seafood when meats were eaten. However, this is not necessarily the best bet.

First of all, not all parts of poultry are equal in amounts. Dark meat is higher in both fat and than the white meat. Untrimmed boneless/skinless breast meat is higher in fat and than London broil and pork loin. The difference? The chicken is around 73 mgs of cholesterol. The turkey is around 79 mgs. London broil? 33 mgs. Pork loin is around 70.

Dairy products and eggs also contain cholesterol. Choosing the right products is extremely important. Low fat dairy products also have less cholesterol, and are a better choice than their high fat counterparts. Egg substitutes are another good choice, as they have less cholesterol. It is possible to keep many of your favorite recipes using these products.
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