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Nuts To Control Your Cholesterol Levels
By Sally Spann

If you thought that nuts are used only as delectable toppings for the cake and desserts, think again. Nuts are fascinating not only because of the taste factor, but also because it offers numerous benefits. One such benefit is in terms of health. Nuts play a vital role in controlling the levels. This thus proves beneficial for effective functioning of heart too. So now you have another reason to start eating nuts.
Amid numerous nuts that may help you keep a tab on your cholesterol, walnuts are one of the best selections. FDA has authorized walnuts as an important lowering food. Besides, controlling your levels, walnuts also help lower the risk of heart diseases and reduce swelling.
Walnuts are useful in controlling the levels as it has omega 3 trans-acids as its major ingredient. These trans acids become the major lowering fat of walnuts. As well as that, walnuts also contain alpha linoeic acid and phytosterols. These contents of walnuts are well known to decrease the triglyceride level as present in the blood stream.
Further on, consuming walnuts on a regular basis prevents the formation of plaque. Make note that the formation of plaque in the arteries can cause a coronary attack. It also increases the HDL levels, while reducing the LDL levels at the same time.
Advantage of walnuts isn't restricted to lowering of levels alone. It in fact helps to enhance health on a good basis. Walnuts run high on many nutrient elements like Vitamin B-complex,

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Vitamin E and fiber. These contents are necessary for a good health. When it comes to intake of walnuts, moderation is the key. If you would like to keep a tab on your levels, keep a check on the quantity of walnuts that you eat. Never eat more than a few it.
Another nut which is equally beneficial in controlling the levels is pistachio nuts. Like walnuts, pistachio nuts too is composed of phytosterols. These are known for their property of reducing the levels. They in turn improve the health on an overall basis. If you want to extend the percentage of good more widely known as HDL in your body, increase the intake of pistachio nuts. It has been proved by numerous studies a regular consumption of these nuts can raise the level of HDL by nearly 15%.
Just like walnuts, pistachio nuts have a high percentage of nutriments obligatory for a sound health. A few of these vital nutrients are vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium and thiamin. So pistachio nuts are indeed, the perfect snack for you. However, it is important to note that these nuts have a heavy percentage of calories. So exercise caution while eating them.
If you are considering eating nuts to manipulate your levels then pecans are also a good option. They work similar to walnuts and pistachio nuts to help scale back your cholesterol. Some studies and research point out that eating pecans on a regular basis can help bring down the levels by 10 p.c..
FDA has tagged pecans as a heart healthy food. This is as pecans are an excellent source of unsaturated fat, which is good for the heart. You can simply include pecans in your typical diet by employing them as toppings or making pies with them.
Go nutty and you can definitely be able to control your levels.
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