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We Have A Band Website...now What? Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site
By Anthony Phillips
Often when launching a new band website, musicians fall into the trap of thinking that simply getting a good website up and running will guarantee success. The fact is that web traffic won't come to Read more...

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Link Building Tactics Revealed In 6 Steps
By Jeyanth Watson
When we refer to building backlinks to your site, we are just not referring to building links to your website from as many web pages as you can. The key to successful link building is to pay attention to the relevancy, page quality, and traffic of the particular websites that are linking to yours. The 6 steps below reveal some ways you can improve your link popularity.

1. One of the first and most common ways to link building is through submitting articles to article directories. Writing high quality articles that are informative establishes your credibility, as well as build backlinks to your website. You must make sure you include your link to

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Robert Roger

your website within the resource box of the article as well as use your keyword as the anchor text for the link. Including your keyword in the hyperlink will help boost your search engine rankings for that particular keyword.

2. The second method involves commenting on various blogs that do not have the No Follow tag implemented. In a blog comment, you'll just visit a blog and post a useful comment. You must not forget to include your url or web address to your site. The only major setback to this tactic is that a lot of blogs have the no follow feature activated, which prevents the search engine spiders from following and spidering your web page. This is why you should only submit to blogs that have the Do Follow feature on them.

3. The third method involves joining and participating in forums. The key to generating quality traffic with this method is to join forums that are related to your topic while participating as often as you can.

4. The fourth method involves syndicating your website content via your own XML or RSS feed. There are a number of free tools out there that will convert your current website's content into a news feed. Once you convert it into a news feed, then you can submit the feed to various rss submission and syndication services to generate some nice backlinks and traffic.

5. If you have a blog, one way to improve your link popularity is to increase your blogroll. In this method, you must look for blogs that are related to your blog and ask them if they can include your blog within their blogroll. You must also make sure you reciprocate by including their blog within your blogroll.

6. Another common way of building quality backlinks to your site is by performing what is known as a blog trackback. A blog trackback is when you let another blog know that you posted an entry about their blog post within your blog. When you do this, a link to your blog post is automatically placed on their blog, giving you a nice one way link.
The author holds great expertise in providing quality link building services and search engine optimization, and has helped many of the clients to attain better search engine rankings by understanding different aspects of link building.

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