Take Control Of Your Child's Internet Activity: Online Parental Control Tips & Suggestions

It is not easy to protect your children in their online activities. Most parents don't know enough about the internet while young children absorb new technology and information quite easy.

There are thousands of predators out there looking for innocent inexperienced children to take advantage of. The percentage of youths who have experienced such harassment online increases every year.

Here are a few Parental Control Tips and a few Parental Control Suggestions that young children should follow when they are online.. If they follow these rules no one can harm them through the internet.

T i p s:

Tip #1:
Children should always tell their parents if they receive any kind of strange message that is scary. Child molesters are not stupid. They will try to carefully approach a child, and if the child resists the shelfish molester will almost always use stupid threats to scare them.. Children should never accept instant messages from strangers and by all means they should never accept mysterious invitations to private chatrooms.

Tip #2:
Children should never use their real name unless they are 100% sure who the person they are giving their name really is. Instead they should use a nickname.. They should never Tell anyone their passwords or login information or other sensitive information like Phone numbers, school name, family name, address etc. They should never tell their age to an online stranger.

Tip #3:
Children should never agree to meet a stranger live. The internet molesters will do anything to persuate the young child to meet them. Even if the person suggests they should meet in a public place, children should never accept such invitations.

Tip #4:
Children should never send their photographs to a stranger over the internet. It's a good practise to never accept photographs or other files too, unless they are pretty sure who the person on the other end of the line is.

S u g g e s t i o n s:

Teach Your Children.
Spend some time with your children while they're online. Ask them to show you their favorite websites and talk to them about the dangers of surfing on the internet. You should also teach yourself how to report an internet crime (e.g. child pornography or internet harassment). You may want to visit cybercrime.gov for more information.

Is your childern's school safe?
Your children may have access to the internet when they are at school. Make sure the school has an internet monitoring software. If they don't suggest that they immediately install a parental control software or even an simple internet filtering software. Most schools have software that permit only certain educational webpages and resources to be accessible via their computers. Make sure your children's school meets these criteria.

Learn more about your children's friends.
Do you know your children's online friends? Take some time to meet them and even meet their parents. Talk to your children's friends about the dangers of the internet highways and recommend to their parents to install a Parental Control Software if they haven't already done so.

Install Parental Control Software or Internet Monitoring Software.
Software Technology offers a convenient solution to parents by presenting various types of parental control software. These Software Programs use sophisticated methods to filter the websites that can be viewed on your browser.

You can specify certain rules (filters) and disallow various types of websites from opening.

Many Internet Parental Control Software include E-mail filters that block certain types of e-mail and allows you to filter junk e-mail out of your inbox.

Internet monitoring software records all the online activity by creating snapshots of the visited websites or by creating logs of the chat room conversations and instant messaging conversations.

By: Thor Zosla

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Everyday in the news, we hear about another child getting involved with an online predator and the worrying results of that meeting . Do not let this happen to your child. Have a look at this Internet Monitoring Software & Parental Control Software and Know what your children do online. There's also a free Internet Parental Control Safety Report to read.

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