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Super Simple Search Tips And Tricks - The Power Of 'Discovery Keywords'

Whether you're looking to create an infoproduct or you're looking to learn about a topic for your personal enrichment - anything from scrapbooking to buying a home - using 'discovery keywords' can be one of the best ways of finding tons of quality content on the Web.

Using them is easy, and they work on almost any search engine you like to use.

This is such a simple trick, one you're going to be so thankful for learning about.

So, what is a 'discovery keyword'?

It's nothing more than a special keyword that, when used in conjunction with most general keywords, can help you quickly find extremely useful search results related to your topic.

Here are some 'discovery keyword' examples:

  • tutorials
  • secrets
  • tips
  • articles
  • guide
  • checklist
  • FAQs
  • resources

So, instead of searching for 'paris travel'(which will return over 100,000,000 results), search for 'paris travel tips', 'paris travel articles', 'paris travel guide', and so on.

Instead of searching for 'buying a home', search for 'buying a home tips', 'buying a home secrets', or 'buying a home guide'.

Here are a few more examples:


  • scrapbooking tutorials
  • scrapbooking secrets
  • scrapbooking tips
  • scrapbooking articles
  • scrapbooking guide
  • scrapbooking checklist
  • scrapbooking FAQs
  • scrapbooking resources

dog training

  • dog training tutorials
  • dog training secrets
  • dog training tips
  • dog training articles
  • dog training guide
  • dog training checklist
  • dog training FAQs
  • dog training resources

Hopefully with these few examples you can begin to see how the quality in your search results will begin to improve as soon as you begin using discovery keywords.


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