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Therapy Dog Training – The Benefits Of A Visiting Dog
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20 Methods To Achieve Successful Dog Training
By Lamar Deane

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Robert Roger

1. All should be established upon teaching the dog appropriate habits.

2. When training your dog make sure he sees what you are doing. When you say certain words or phrases, have the dog to understand that he is to do certain things.

3. The success to training your dog is he has to understand that at the end, a certain thing will take place.

4. Commands should always be given in the same words and with the same manner of voice.

5. Don't demand or rush your dog for immediate obedience as this will only confuse the dog. Give him a minute or two to carry out your commands. Training your dog takes patience.

6. Developing a bond with your dog is an important step in teaching commands. All future training depends upon this. If your dog doesn't respond to a step correctly, go back to the beginning of the exercise and start again. This will teach him that the act must be done correctly through it's entirety.

7. Immediately after every act that your dog has performed correctly reward him with a treat or a favorite toy.

8. Don't try to teach your dog 2 or 3 feats at a time. Dogs have a one-track mind. However, this doesn't mean a training session can't include more than a 4 or 5 different tasks.

9. Keep in mind a dog can't understand all you say...only the words, the commands and the names you teach it.

10. To be a success at training your dog you must be able to make the dog understand what it is he has to do and then to gradually instill that into his brain until it becomes second nature.

11. Be decisive and firm but always with kindness.

12. To teach your dog the correct training methods focus in your mind each stage of the training and have a thorough knowledge of how to teach it, and how it should be done. Find out what proper techniques and tools are needed by reading training manuals or by watching training videos.

13. The more you are with your dog the more it will become accustomed to your actions and words which will help to make the training easier.

14. Always finish a training session on a good note. If the dog has done something wrong don't quit until he does it right. Correction is essential.

15. Never leave the training session with an angry word to your dog. Always end it on a happy and positive note. Let him know he has mastered the obstacle before you call it a day.

16. Do not get angry or lose control while you are training your dog as this will only make him lose respect for you.

17. You must teach your dog to come to you or follow after you, not to run and chase him.

18. After you persuade your dog to come to you, don't then turn on him and punish him.

19. Don't harass and pester your dog with constant shouting and orders.

20. While you are training your dog don't let anyone except you give the commands.
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