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Bad Behavior Dog Obedience Training
By Andrew Bicknell
Are you frustrated because your dog keeps exhibiting bad behavior that is embarrassing to you? Do you wonder why he always runs away when you go for a walk or jumps on people who come over to visit? Read more...


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Therapy Dog Training - Working With Your Dog
By Dean Iggo
Therapy dog training, while important, is something with which many people are not familiar. A therapy dog is one that is used to do animal assisted therapy and activities. Organizations train the Read more...

Choosing An Obedience Training School For Your Dog
By Mildred Forsythe
Anybody that's a dog lover simply would like the best for his or her pooch. One of the most trying areas of getting a pet dog is normally having one who won't behave and follow the procedures of the Read more...


When Dog Training Really Matters
By Jack Russell
Dogs can be very sociable. In fact, they sometimes get too sociable and get aggressive. That is why it is important to train the dogs to control their behavior. Moreover, dog Read more...

The Right Training For Your Dog
By Dax and Decca
Dog training is an important aspect in every pet’s life. With training, not only will you be able to tell your dog to sit, lie down, roll over or play dead, but other important disciplinary matters Read more...

Dog Potty Training Older Dogs
By dusty road
Dog Potty Training older dogs is more likely difficult than training a 6 month old puppy. I have a first hand experience on this, trust me. I have no idea before that I could train a dog to pee or Read more...

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Dog Obedience Training - Methods That Work With Your Dogs Natural Instincts
By Dexter Leonard

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

A common misunderstanding about dogs is that they are dirty animals. But contrary to popular belief dogs are very clean animals. Dogs have a natural tendency to never do their "business" in the area where they eat, sleep, and play unless they absolutely have to. In the past decade or so, many dog trainers have taken these natural tendencies and applied them to their efforts. Please read on to understand how you to can capitalize on your dogs natural instincts and help speed up your dog obedience training.

Dogs are pack animals, so that means they are naturally geared to live in a pack of other dogs, or humans. When you first get your new dog, you want to establish yourself at the pack leader. You are the one in charge in the pack, not him. The quicker your new dog realizes you are the pack leader, you'll see quicker and easier results from your dog obedience training methods.

When trying to establish yourself as the pack leader, you may have to be for firm with some dogs than others. Do not get discouraged if your dog will not listen to you. It takes time, and some dogs are just more stubborn than others. Kinda like some humans.

Now when you are trying to train your dog for other actions besides potty training, such as sit, stay, fetch, and so forth you have to remember to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Meaning try to stay away from other dogs, and if possible try to only have one helper or try to accomplish your dog obedience training tasks yourself. Also keep in mind dogs naturally like to dig and sniff surrounding objects. You want to keep your dog in a grass area with few distractions on the ground.

Now if you are trying to teach your dog the popular, sit - stay command, you want to start with the sit command, and follow all your commands with a hand signal. This methods of obedience training gives the dog two methods of listening to your command, your voice signal, and an additional hand signal.

Once you get your dog to sit, you will want to back away a little and see if he stays put. If he doesn't want to sit and stay himself, manually place him in that position and continue the process until he does. Training a new puppy is difficult, and time consuming so give yourself some extra patience in these early stages of development. Believe me, accomplish these early dog obedience training methods, and commands now and you can reap the benefits of a well-behaved dog later on in life.

One last tip I want to leave you with is to always remember to enforce your voice commands in a firm voice. Dogs respond to firm, in-charge attitudes - they feed off of it. Your attitude can be seen and felt by your dog even if you are trying to hide it. Don't mistake firmness and confidence with yelling and screaming at your dog. An aggressive attitude toward your small puppy will be counter productive to your dog obedience training efforts.
Dogs are the type of animal that likes challenges. They will take on as many challenges as possible and also give you some as well. The best thing you can do is focus these challenges into positive behavior through solid dog obedience training.

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Properly Crate Training Your Dog
By Andrew Bicknell
The best time to start crate training any dog is when he is a puppy, or if that is not an option when you bring him home for the first time. If you decide that crate training is something you want to Read more...

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