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Dog Training Tips And Ideas
By leresh
You already know that there are any amount of reasons to coach your pets. You know it'll make your pet far easier to cope with. You even know a correctly trained pet is not as likely to get into Read more...


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Dog Training Tips For A New Dog Owner
By FastSubmitArticles.com
Bought a new pet and looking forward to being a good dog owner? Then perhaps you may find these tips useful. Your dog is going to be a new addition to the family, and it's going to take some time to Read more...

Remote Dog Training Collars-does Your Dog Need An Attitude Adjustment
By Karen McLean -
Who wouldn’t want a well trained dog that everyone enjoys having around? Let’s face it. No one wants a dog that bites, nips, barks, digs, jumps, begs or growls, but how do you achieve the preferred Read more...


Training Your New Dog To Sit - 5 Simple Steps
By Katie Mills
Training your new dog to sit should be fun, and a positive experience so your dog wants to continue learning. Sessions should be short, lasting no more than 15 minutes and should be undertaken Read more...

Dog Obedience Training: Where To Start?
By James Kronefield
Dog obedience training was probably the last thing on your mind when you first selected your puppy. As you may well know now, for that puppy to remain as adorable as when you first got him or her, a Read more...

Resolving Aggression In Your Dog
By Valerie Mellema
Aggression can be a difficult problem with which to contend. Not only can it make it difficult to live with your dog, but there can also be safety concerns as well. Getting to the bottom of what is Read more...

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Training Puppies Not To Bite: Tips For Dog Owners
By Richard Cussons

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Finding effective solution on how to stop puppy biting is one of the issues that bothers many dog owners. Some cases seem to be so hopeless, leaving dog owners with no choice but to abandon their pets or turn them over to shelters or rescue groups. This scenario shouldn't have happened only if appropriate steps are taken to solve the problem.

First of all, owners should understand that puppies have strong need to chew. It is perfectly natural for most puppies especially when they are teething. Biting is also their way to play and communicate with each other. They would love to bite on just about anything - from their owner's shoes and socks to furniture and even the feet or hands of their owners.

You know very well that this should not go on forever unless you want puppy bites all over your house. Start curbing this problem by diverting your puppy's chewing to proper outlet such as chew toys. You also need to teach your puppy that biting hurts you. To do this, imitate what a hurt puppy would do - yelp, run and refuse to play. When he bites you, let out a very loud yelp then fold your arms and ignore him for like ten minutes. This will make him understand that he is being too rough and needs to be more gentle next time. Your acting skill plays great importance here.

Though this method is often effective, this could trigger aggression and dominance. If that's the case, you may need to use aid such as anti-chewing spray. Instead of just a light spray, applying it liberally will have a better effect.

Physical punishment should not be used as a method to stop puppy biting. Slapping or hitting the face as well as hitting him with a rolled paper won't make the situation any better. Doing so will result either to your pup thinking that you are playing or your pup to become afraid of you, thus making the problem worse. Being patient as well as determined is therefore the best weapon to become successful in curbing your pup's biting problem.

Playing games like tug of war, wrestling or chase is not advisable since these games can also trigger biting problems.
Richard Cussons wants to share his knowledge on training puppies not to bite. Check out bedogsavvy.com to successfully stop puppy biting.

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Golden Retriever Training Tips - Bad Dog Behavior
By Susanne Trainor
Golden Retriever Training Tips – Tip # 1Is There Hope for my Golden Retriever? By Susanne Trainor“Sunny is a sweet dog… He’s just a little naughty.” Read more...

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