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Correct Any Kind Of Upsetting Behavior With Dog Training Collars
By Thierry Babineaux
Using a dog training collar is an efficient and safe way to correct your dog’s unpleasant behavior. There are several types of dog training collars on the market, but they all operate according to Read more...


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Do Dogs See In Black And White?
By Luke Blaise
Many people wonder if dogs see in black and white. This is a very common question, and the answer might surprise you. It is common to want to humanize pets, so we hope that they see and feel the same Read more...

Dog Training Part I
By Hagar Lagarto
Dog training is the process of teaching a dog to exhibit certain desired behaviors in specific circumstances. Some examples are:* Teaching a dog basic obedience commands (part Read more...


Secrets To Training A Dog To Fetch
By topia29
When you wake up in the morning, and sit outside to drink your morning coffee. You will notice that your dog is in play mode chewing at a ball; or whatever your dog is interested in. You notice that Read more...

Shy Dog Training, It Takes Time
By Dave Tee
When first starting to train a shy Dog it is very important to realise that it will take time. Do not expect to get results too quickly.Shy Dogs need to be treated very Read more...

Simple Yet Powerful Principles For Dog Obedience Training
Obedience training is necessary for your dog. It works as a way for you to communicate your wishes to your dog and allows the both of you to bond better. With training, your relationship will be Read more...

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How To Use The Remote Dog Training Collar
By beartoes

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

To choose the remote collar is one of the most popular ways to train your favorite pet and man's best friend. These remote electronic collars help us train our pet, for a family pet, or for your use in a profession. The remote training electronic dog collars will allow your pet to achieve a new level of obedience. The problem is there are many different types of remote collars available and you are not sure what you need.

Electric Dog Collar

Electronic dog collars have come a long way over the years. A good remote electric dog collar should have good range. To teach the dog using electronic collar, it should be worn for at least a couple of weeks. You should also make sure to take off the electric dog collar 4-5 times a day. This removing the electric dog collar will teach the dog to remember the shock feeling with the electronic collar being off. That way the dog learns that this is a good feeling. You should also teach the dog using electronic collar in a fenced area. The shock amount should be enough to just turn the dogs head.

Use it Like a Leash Correction

Using electronic collar is nothing more than a leash that is not there (invisible). The electric dog collar should be used in the same way as you would use a leash.

The dog should be introduced to the electric dog collar. To think that just by putting the electric dog collar on the dog will train animal, this is incorrect. The act of putting the dog collar on the dog has meaning for the dog, rotating the prong all have meaning. You must also learn the art of pushing the buttons to get the best results.

Some people say that using the electric dog collar is like eating chocolate. There is nothing wrong with eating small amounts, but then there are some who think this is wrong. Never the less, used in small amounts, both are harmless and the dog likes both of them. The harm occurs when there is too much chocolate eaten, but no one has a hard and fast rule to what is OK for the dog and what is not. The electric dog collar gives out a small electric shock and should not be what you would get if you stuck your finger in an electric outlet.

a cheap dog shock collar should be subtle in the way that they work. On cheap dog shock collars, you should use a level of shock that is minimal to achieve the obedience that you need. The shock should not frighten or hurt the animal. It can be quite easy to be abusive using electronic collar. For this reason the average dog owner should not use the electric collar.

You need some experience when using electric collar. The biggest thing is the dog should not be the one treated inhumanely or with cruelty. This is easy to do if you are careless in using the electric dog collar. You have to understand how the dog is feeling, and how the dog is reacting to the level of shock that is being emitted.

What you have to do is determine the purpose of using the electric dog collar or consider the alternatives to make sure the dog is treated properly as well as trained with the best of care.

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Dog House Training - How To House Train Your Dog
By John Clatts
House Training Your DogThe absolute first thing you must train your dog to do is is housebreaking No, no, you don’t teach your dog how to break into your house when you forget Read more...

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