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Dog Training
By Andrew Strachan
One of the few things that dog owners or prospective dog owners think about is whether or not they will need to train their dog. Although training a dog is not absolutely essential unless your dog Read more...


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Shy Dog Training, It Takes Time
By Dave Tee

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

When first starting to train a shy Dog it is very important to realise that it will take time. Do not expect to get results too quickly.

Shy Dogs need to be treated very carefully. You need to understand that they are very sensitive and will not respond well if you try to rush things. Whatever the reason for your Dogs shyness, always remember to take things slowly and carefully.

Training a shy or nervous Dog is different to training more confident animals. Our rescue Dog was very shy and nervous and now, after over a year, she has a lot of confidence and has adjusted very well.

What follows is the best way I found to train a shy Dog.

Stay calm at all times.

Don't be loud or aggressive. Be calm and quiet whenever possible. Shy Dogs respond much better in a calm, relaxed environment.

No shouting.

Loud noises and shouting will only make a shy Dog more nervous. Never scold or shout at a nervous Dog. Your Dog will slowly learn what is correct behaviour. You do not need to shout if things go wrong. You want your Dog to feel confident not scared.

Praise whenever possible.

When your Dog acts more confident, wags its tail or does anything that seems like an act of confidence, praise it. Being praised will raise a shy Dogs confidence and make it feel better about itself.

Not too much touching.

Do not attempt to touch a shy Dog too much at first. It will be very nervous and may react badly to too much attention. Take your time and your Dog will come to you when it is ready. Trying too hard to pet your Dog may set it back and you will take even longer to make it more confident.

Overall remember it will take time. There is no overnight solution. Be calm and, in time, if taken slowly, your shy Dog will gain tremendously in confidence.

Good luck.
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Potty Training Dog
By Blog-ed
This aspect to me is one of the most important of all because this really does need to be done correctly most effectively when your dog is a puppy, i`ve seen a great deal of methods on how to do this Read more...

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