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Dog Training - Old Dogs
By John M Williams
There comes a time when your dog will no longer be as young as they used to be and more care and attention might be needed. Everyone and every living thing gets old at some point and there's nothing Read more...


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Dog Training Tips: Things I've Learned About Agility Dog Training
By Melissa Buhmeyer
I've owned many dogs, throughout my life, but have never known exactly how to train them properly. I based my training on punishment and just couldn't figure out why that didn't work that well. But, Read more...

Dog Training - How To Train Your Dog In One Evening
By Emma Jane
Potty training your dog isn't easy! Getting your dog to come back when you call can be a struggle! Want to stop your dog from jumping up at people? You can stop all of this in one evening, would you Read more...


Dog Training - Leash | Collar
Copyright 2006 Mdarma There are several types of dog training programs in the market. It is very important that you select, the most suitable program to train you dog. The Read more...

Resolving Aggression In Your Dog
By Valerie Mellema
Aggression can be a difficult problem with which to contend. Not only can it make it difficult to live with your dog, but there can also be safety concerns as well. Getting to the bottom of what is Read more...

Dog Obedience Training Online – A Brief Review
By jason bb han
When you are trying to train your dog by yourself, you need to ensure that you know what you are doing. Obviously, it will be best if you can invest in a quality dog training guide that provides you Read more...

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3 Easy Dog Training Tips
By Daniel Waser

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

If you are like most dog owners, you spend considerable time training your dog and you could use a few quick and simple tips. Dogs don't normally misbehave without having a good reason. After all, they are incredibly smart and they don't understand English so they can't explain it to you. Here are three easy tips about basics that can be useful for new dog owners as well as experienced owners.

Tip #1 - Imagine that you're a dog and think like one.
Get in the mood and think like your dog. Easy? Well, now you know what it's like to expect your dog to think like he's human. If you forget all other tips but remember this one, you may do well with your dog training. In order to address misbehavior, you must understand the reason behind it. The next time you hear your dog bark a little too much, keep in mind that it's in his primitive nature to bark when he perceives a threat or danger. You could have the best muzzle in the world or be the best communicator but nothing beats addressing the cause of the barking. You can also try to place your dog in more social situations so that it becomes less skittish around strangers. You can also give him more room to run in the backyard so your dog doesn't feel threatened.

Tip #2 - Reward your dog's good behavior.
If you want to be a successful dog trainer, don't emphasize punishments but rather give your dog the positive attention they crave from their owners. Positive reinforcement always provides better results in the long run. Keep in mind that dogs can't reason the way humans do. For example, if you punish your dog for chewing on your shoes while you're home, he may stop for now but what will happen when you leave? The dog will get bored again and start chewing on your shoes again. If you were to toss them a toy instead or punishing them, he gets attention from you and gets to play with his toy, both of which are seen as rewards for the dog. When you're away and your dog gets bored, he may just reach for that toy instead of your shoes. Always try to reward good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior.

Tip #3 - Remember their very short attention span.
You may not be aware of it, but dogs have no attention span. Ignore the tips that tell you how to address a mis take your dog made a little while back. Going back to the shoe example, waiving the chewed up shoes in their face will not mean a thing to your dog, even if they did it less than 5 minutes ago. You must catch your dog in the act in order to give a meaningful punishment and get your point across.

Keep these three easy tips in mind and you'll be successful.
Daniel Waser is a dog lover since his childhood. Visit his website for more information about Dog Health Care and download the free report "The Secrets to Raising a Happier Dog" or grab his latest Dog Training Tips.

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Training A Dog Not To Bite
By Tom Shadow
Ask any young dog and you will find that its favourite occupation is to chew something. Using its teeth is important to a dog and therefore, training a dog not to bite is essential to stop Read more...

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