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Dog Obedience Training Tips
By kausarkhan
The key to having a dog pet that is enjoyable and fun is proper dog training. Most people think that dog training is teaching it how to do dumb tricks and competition exercises. Dog obedience Read more...


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Common Misconceptions About The Cairn Terrier
By John P Jackson
As well-known, adorable little dogs often seen in Hollywood, many people who have never interacted with a Cairn Terrier in person assume they know a lot about the breed! However, there Read more...

The Three Basics Of Basic Dog Training
By Roland Parris Jefferson III
First of all, believing that your dog can be trained is one of the biggest hurdles a dog owner will face. Once you have accepted this challenge then the basics of dog training can begin. Your new Read more...


Learning The Basic Commands Of Dog Training
By Ken Snowie
Wanting a calm and obedient dog is important for a dog owner for a number of reasons. Well-trained and obedient dogs are often happier and less aggressive with other dogs and people. The law is Read more...

Choker Chain Dog Training, Act Sensibly
By Dave Tee
Choker Chains, when used correctly can be an invaluable training aid.The bad press they have received is down to the fact that many people do not use them correctly. Choker Read more...

Stop Neighbours Complaining With A Dog Training Collar
By Thierry Babineaux
If you are the happy owner of a dog, you have certainly shared many pleasant moments with your pet. The unpleasant part of being a dog-owner comes when your family and neighbors are disturbed by the Read more...

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Some Important Tips That You Have To Remember While Training Your Dog
By 12 Volt Battery

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Every body loves to have pets at their home and it has been seen that the majority of the people love to have a dog as a pet.

Dog training process is not an easy job. By this training process you can teach your dog to do some things that your order them. Trained dogs can understand and follow your commands. One can use different types of techniques in training a dog. So if you need to train your dog professionally you need to follow some tricks and some tips to avoid dog behavior problems.

A well trained dog can respond to any gesture provided by his owner because they have a good hearing sense and thus they are able to differentiate and understand your words. So don't make assumptions that your dog cannot learn good behavior.

Keep your voice very clear when you give some command to your dog, as if your dog can't hear what you are saying then he will not obey it, so make sure your dog hears your command and responds to it. Keep expressions in your voice like if you are scolding him them keep your voice tome loud and if you are making some corrections make your voice sad.

Teach your dog continuously and don't stop in middle of the training program. Treat your program as a game so that your dog can have fun and learns more. Remember training a dog is important as it will help your dog to behave accordingly to your commands.

Avoid Some Important Mistakes:

Not providing positive feelings to your dog during training program - Always remember, giving some king of rewards or prices is very important. These types of rewards will help your dog to obey your commands. So bribe your dog while training programs.

Put excessive control in your training programs - Don't behave like a boss with your stubborn dog, else your training program will be going to be hard.

Don't repeat your exercise frequently - Don't bore your dog repeated exercise process.

Don't neglect your dog's emotions - Don't fail to understand your dog's feeling while training your dog. You have to give importance to your dog's emotions during your training sessions. Let him rest if you see your dog yawning in your training program.

Always remember there are 3 basic and important things that your dog must learn. These commands are: sit, stay, and come.

Positive techniques - Always praise your dog when he obeys your command. Do not punish your dog during the training program.

Don't feed your dog in short intervals of time. Always remember to feed your dog on a set schedule. Always feed your dog with the rich and healthy quality diet.

Puppy Potty Training Tips - Always train your dog with regular potty schedule.

Avoid clothing items while you are playing with your dog.

There are various numbers of techniques and tips that you can use to train your dog. is quite a simple and easy process in which you just need to follow some Basic techniques.
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One Of The Most Popular Methods Of Dog Training Is The Leash Collar Style Of Training
By J. Brian Keith
There are many different styles of dog training, and finding the one that works best for you is important for creating a dog that is a talented, loyal and faithful member of the family. All Read more...

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