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Dog Training For Proper Behavior
By Ken Snowie
Training a dog to act properly has many benefits, for the dogs and their human companions alike. Dog behavior training is critical in order to prevent such negative behaviors as aggression. It is Read more...


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How To Deal With Warts In Dogs
By Thierry Babineaux
Warts in dogs are infectious in nature and can spread to other dogs through physical contact. Warts in dogs are epidermis tumors that are caused by many different types of viral infections. Asking Read more...

Dog Training - Dogs And Parks
By Emma Jane
If you’re not yet convinced that serious training can only be done with the guidance of a professional, then here are some reasons why that it should, to help you Read more...


Bichon Frise Training To Stop Dog Marking
By Richard Cussons
You know that you have managed to achieve successful result in bichon frise training. Then all of a sudden, you discovered dog urine scent in the doorway, table leg and other furniture in the house. Read more...

Bad Behavior Dog Obedience Training
By Andrew Bicknell
Are you frustrated because your dog keeps exhibiting bad behavior that is embarrassing to you? Do you wonder why he always runs away when you go for a walk or jumps on people who come over to visit? Read more...

Dog Training Tips: Things I've Learned About Agility Dog Training
By Melissa Buhmeyer
I've owned many dogs, throughout my life, but have never known exactly how to train them properly. I based my training on punishment and just couldn't figure out why that didn't work that well. But, Read more...

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The Basic Commands Of Dog Training You Must Know
By Roney

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

There are many reasons for dog owners to get their dog to be trained. For one thing, obedient and trained dogs are easy to get along with people or with other dogs. Another reason is that every community love to have a well trained and non aggressive dogs living in their neighborhoods rather than dog like Pittbull or Rottweiler.

There are few basic commands that must be mastered in order for you to be sure that your dog are well trained either you are considering training your own dog or having someone else does it. These basic commands are:

Sit - Training your dog to sit on command is a fundamental part of any program. This is very useful command to keep your dog away from exiting. Some people use 'Sit' command before they feed him/her.
Stay - This is a very important command that every dog owners should know, when they want their dog to stay still. This is very useful command to keep your dog away from something danger.
Down - Lying down on command is a key component of any successful program.
Come - It's probably a first and easiest command that dog owner learned. It always use together with dog's name.
No - This is another powerful command to stop your dog from any bad behaviors such as biting or jumping.
Heel - This command was used when you want your dog to walk beside you, not running ahead or lagging behind.

Moreover, most of well trained dogs have a much better family companion, especially with your young children. The proper can reduce the number of dog bits and other behavior problems. A properly trained dog will respond properly to all the owner's commands, and will not display anxiety, displeasure or confusion.
Roney is a dog owner that specializes in dog obedience training. His review on SitStayFetch can be found here: www.sitstayfetch-dogtraining.com

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Training Your Collie For An Obedience Competition
By John P Jackson
If you would like to participate in any type of dog competition with your Collie, obedience competitions are one of the best areas to consider. Collies are oftentimes excellent at Read more...

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