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Dog Training - Initial Training
Copyright 2006 Mdarma Dogs are known as a faithful animal, most dog owners or dog breeders would love to have a calm and obedient dog. It is said that a calm and obedient dogs Read more...


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Dog Training For Different Stages
By Damien
Dog training is the process of teaching a dog various kinds of behavioral responses under specified circumstances and to commands. Dog training involves stages, and not all types of training are Read more...

Paper Training A Dog - Easy Steps To Paper Training Your Dog
By David-M
First, Choose a specific area of the house for your to use as toilet area, pick a area such kitchen or laundry this area are free of carpet and making easy for clean.Place Read more...


Parenting Lessons Learned From Dog Training
By M Bauer Pulis
To some people it may seem ridiculous to compare training dogs to raising children. But, I’ve actually come to see many similarities between successful dog training and effective parenting. I started Read more...

Leash Training Your Dog
By George Kane -
Teaching your dog obedience is of utmost importance while training your pet. Though reward and reinforcement techniques work very well with dogs, training them with the leash and collar is the most Read more...

Painless Dog Training
By valerio
If you are a dog lover, you surely are facing the challenge of training your pet. Though there are so many known techniques on how to train a dog, there are some philosophies that are universal. Read more...

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Bad Behavior Dog Obedience Training
By Andrew Bicknell

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Are you frustrated because your dog keeps exhibiting bad behavior that is embarrassing to you? Do you wonder why he always runs away when you go for a walk or jumps on people who come over to visit? An out of control dog is neither fun nor a good companion and the only way to tame the wild beast is with dog obedience training.

In fact with the proper training your four legged out of control friend may well turn into the best companion you've ever had, but you have to train him first. Training your dog should be a fun and rewarding if you go into it with the right attitude and show some patience. It may take some work to reverse the bad habits he has learned.

The most basic training will teach your dog to sit, stay, and come. These three commands make up the base of any obedience training class and are beneficial in furthering your dog's ability to be obedient. Once the training starts to sink in you will be much more willing to take your dog out in public because you know that you will be able to control him much more easily.

You have two choices when it comes to training your dog; you can do it yourself or you can join a dog obedience class. A class is a good idea if you are having difficulty training at home or if you just don't know where to start. Classes are taught by professional dog trainers who know all the tricks to get your dog to listen to what you want him to do. A class also gives your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs which is an important part of training. If he can follow commands with a bunch of other dogs around he will be much easier to control in public settings.

One of the most important parts of training, whether at home or in a class, is the interaction between owner and dog. All dogs live to please their owner and you can use that to reinforce the lessons. By using treats, praise, and physical attention you can have greater gains then if you are constantly reprimanding and shouting at your dog when he doesn't follow your commands.

If you choose to train your dog at home you should try to keep any distractions to a minimum when first starting. Your back yard or an open field is a good choice. This will keep his attention focused on you as you work on the basics. As he progresses you can start taking him to areas that have a little more activity and other dogs around because most of the time you will need him to follow commands while there are distractions around.

Most bad behavior dog obedience training works by getting your dog to obey your commands in spite of the distractions going on around him. Most bad behavior is simply your dog looking for attention. When you train him you give him an outlet to please you which gives him the attention he desires.
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Dog Psychology – The Key To Successful Dog Training
By Ira Nelson
Understanding dog psychology and behavior is the key to successful dog training and therefore developing the best possible relationship with your dog.For thousands of years Read more...

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