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Dog Training - Keys To Bringing Up An Obedient Dog
By jason bb han
The tip in transforming that charming puppy into an obedient dog the whole family will love is proper dog training techniques. Like children, dogs need to know the house rules and will need to Read more...


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Crate Training A Dog Or Puppy Can Have Good Results
By Andrew Bicknell
Crate training can be one of the best things you do for your new puppy early in his life. There is a misconception that this training method is somewhat cruel but nothing could be farther from the Read more...

Dog Obedience Training Online – A Brief Review
By jason bb han
When you are trying to train your dog by yourself, you need to ensure that you know what you are doing. Obviously, it will be best if you can invest in a quality dog training guide that provides you Read more...


Beyond Basic Dog Obedience
By D Beart
Finally your little bundle of furry sweetness has plumped the numbers in your family. You have dreams of a well-behaved pup that is a joy to spend time with and never, ever does those classic doggy Read more...

Resolving Aggression In Your Dog
By Valerie Mellema
Aggression can be a difficult problem with which to contend. Not only can it make it difficult to live with your dog, but there can also be safety concerns as well. Getting to the bottom of what is Read more...

Dog Training - Bad Dogma, How Harsh Training Methods Can Cause Aggression
By Eric Letendre
The dictionary defines the word dogma as: The established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization, thought to be authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted or Read more...

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5 Tips To Choose Effective Dog Training Courses
By N.Richards

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

It can be confusing figuring out the best way to train your dog, and there are a lot of options available. How can you decide what the best courses are? There are certain things to look for when determining where or who to take courses with. Here is a list of tips to help you in your search for the best courses for both you and your dog. Tips for selecting effective courses:

1. Ask your local veterinarians, groomers, and shelters who they recommend the most. Someone who is a professional is probably known around the local area, and chances are, the other dog service professionals will know about them.

2. Do an internet search for courses in your area. Some pet stores hold classes, although they are not always the most conducive to learning. National professional organizations, like The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, have membership directories you can browse through. You will also be able to locate any dog kennel clubs in the area that might have training.

3. Once you have a list with a few names on it, it's time to begin contacting. Always speak with a trainer directly to ask questions about their experience, how the classes are run, and in what manner they train. You might even ask for references. It is also important to ask a trainer if they are comfortable working with your kind of dog or its issues. Do they mind having your breed in class? Have they worked with it before? If your dog has special issues, you definitely want to get a sense of how they feel about it and how they would deal with it. Is your dog shy or scared or dog aggressive? What are the techniques they will use? You never want to get to a class and find out your dog won't really get the kind of attention and education it needs.

4. Ask to watch. A reputable dog trainer or kennel club will not mind allowing you to watch a class in progress before deciding. You want to make sure you are comfortable with the trainer and the courses themselves. How well is the information conveyed? Is the trainer able to control the class?

5. Group Size: How large a training class is should be a big consideration. You want to know that you will be able to ask questions and receive appropriate attention with your dog. courses should never be larger than 10-15 dogs, but in small spaces, less than 10 dogs should be in a class. Selecting effective courses requires you to do a little homework to find a training professional with a good reputation. Ultimately, speaking with the dog trainer and watching his courses personally will help you decide if you are comfortable both with the trainer and his style of training.
Nancy Richards has been involved with dog training for several years. Her website offers free training courses on dog housebreaking, dog obedience training, grooming, diet and care for all dog breeds.

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Dog Training: Tips And Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Digging In Your Yard
By O'Neal Hendrix
It’s downright infuriating to look out the window and see Buddy digging another hole in the yard. You yell out the window; he may or may not even acknowledge he’s heard anything; then back to the Read more...

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