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Dog Training: Getting Your Dog To Come When Called

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the dog training

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

The importance of making your dog come every time you call him is often neglected not unless something like leash breaking or your dog chasing occur. It is dangerous and often destructive when your dog is out of control. They could harm people and destroy property. Worse than that, vehicles could hit them especially when you live in the city.

Keeping your dog off leash or unsupervised will give him idea that there are more fun and exciting things to do without his owner being around. Moreover, he will think that having your presence will limit his activities and ruin his happy moments.

The rationale is that when your dog is having a good time in the park with his other dog friend when suddenly you came, told him that is enough, and come with you. If you are in the dog's shoe, of course, you will not like to stop the fun. This is the reason why dogs hated the collar and leash. Since dogs do not want to end up the fun, their tendency is to pretend that they did not hear you. For dogs, ignoring you make sense. However, although this thing could be beneficial to dogs, it is not true on the other hand to dog owners.

If your dogs has not yet get this kind of idea, it is best to not let this happen anymore by spending time and supervising your dog. Make your bonding or playing moments with your dog more fun and exciting than playing with their dog friend. However, if your dog has already this misbehavior problem, going back to obedience training is the best option to do.

The most important thing to consider every time you call your dog to come is the next thing he will do after he comes to you. Make sure that the activities you will make him do will not discourage him to come to you next time you call him. Try playing, feeding and walking with him after you call him. always avoid giving him bath or taking him to the veterinarian after you call him so as not to associate the command come here with some not so fun activities.

Dogs look up to their owners as the pack leader. They always seek guidance from them. Therefore, it is important that you are consistent with your actions and make every interaction with your dog more fun and exciting. Moreover, the key to successful and effective obedience training is giving your dog proper praise and treats every time he does well. Rewards may come as a food or as a toy. Just keep in mind to give your dog only small pieces of food so as to prevent your dog from getting bigger and gaining fats.
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