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Promote Your Websites!
By Emilyroggers
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10 Amazing Social Networking Secrets You Can Use To Grow Your Home Business
By Carin Nicole Davis
Belonging to a bunch of social networks simply because you know that you need to be on them for business isn't enough to get results for your MLM Business.

Twitter is the latest craze that is all the rage right now, and just like all the others, everyone is flocking to it without really understanding how to harness its power. So, I'm going to share with you 10 dirty little secrets that work for ALL social networks alike that will pull in leads like a big game fisherman casting a wide net in the ocean.

1. Tell your personal story on your profile page - avoid putting up a bunch of content about your business or your products. Open up and let people see that you're a real person. When people visit your profile they want to learn more about you, not your business. Plus writing something personal will give them something they can connect with.

2. Join targeted niche groups that are related to your business. The goal is to get infront of your

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Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

target audience and this is a great, non-salesy way to do it. Do a keyword search in the groups to find the ones that are relevant and JOIN THEM ALL. More on that in a moment.

3. Start writing content that is valuable to the group - people are always looking for tips, tricks, tactics, techniques and other creative ideas to help their business, so be that creative source. Be consistent with your writing and make it compelling.

4. Post your content on all the groups that you belong to - not everyone that is part of one group belongs to all the others, so make sure to spread your knowledge around in mass.

someone has taken the time to write something to you about your content, all it Hint: when you get up to about 10 comments, your readership DOUBLES. So, help those numbers rise by commenting behind everyone.

6. Connect with the people who have made comments. Go to their profiles and request to be their friend. This is a great step at gaining trust and developing an avid readership. It's better to have added value to someone first which proves to them you are someone they should connect with. Send another private note thanking them for their feedback and requesting to become friends. 80% of the people will connect with you.

7. Only accept friend requests if it is relevant to your purpose on the site - you'll get people trying to connect with you at random, but don't accept it just to build up a friend list. Remember, you are on the social networking site to market and generate leads by targeting a specific audience, and it's important to keep your friend list as pure as possible.

8. A great way to keep in front of people in your groups is to make comments on other people's discussion topics. It's a simple as writing a few lines of praise and picking something out of the article you liked. When you sign your name, make sure to ONLY put your full name and website link. Do not try to sell anything, this is tacky and no one will take you seriously. It's important to be consistent with this as well. Set a daily goal on how many comments you want to make and stick to it.

9. Survey your friends to find out what their needs are and meet them - once per week, send out information to your friends that are more targeted to their specific needs, and soft promote your site. Now you're starting to drive traffic outside of your articles!

10. At least twice per month, send an invitation to participate in an event that's not part of the community - you've been adding value to them so this is a comfortable and acceptable approach to promoting your business. If you were doing this step on the front end, it would not work.

Remember, it's always about adding value up front, not about selling your MLM business. Give enough of yourself in the right way, and people will attach themselves to you like groupies. I guess that makes you an internet rock star, right? Not bad!
Carin Davis is an expert at helping others with their Social Networking Lead Generation. If you want to learn more about the steps and resources mentioned in this article to explode your lead generation visit, Carin Davis's MLM Training Secrets.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our top keywords website.

How To Get One Way Anchor Text Backlinks
By Suzanne E Morrison
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