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How To Use Adwords To Explode Your Business
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Market Research And Affiliate Marketing
By Geoffrey Yumul
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Ultimate Pay Per Click Profit Secrets
By Luke McCormack
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"importance Of Keywords For Seo"
By kamini nanda
Selecting correct keywords is the best way to reach your site, because the keywords can make or break site future. So selecting correct keywords is an art, so that your visitors can reach on your site directly without any problem. But if your keywords are not according to your potential customer's desire, or your web site doesn't have the keyword which they are looking for then they will miss you, which is very bad for the future of your site. You should remember that when you select keyword for your web site, you must use those words which are related to your contents and also popular search words as well. This is called keywords optimization.

A good web page contains information that people are looking for. Keyword search is an art which we have said earlier, for this you have to choose good keyword which are really good and match with your contents, and you must use appropriate tool to select your keywords then you must succeed to select suitable keywords. For example if your site is related to the "dog care" then your keywords is related to the "bathing of dogs", "eating habits of dogs" etc, so that when people search for the "bathing of dogs" then your site also show in the result, because when people search on all these types of sites then they use these types of keywords, which is too common and also related to these sites.

How to select keywords: Search engine use the keyword to show the rank pages. If you select the right keywords then it should be good for your site. Keywords search is the building block for the search engine optimization. Search engine use those keywords or phases to display web pages which are relevant to these

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger


If you want to select your keywords then you must spend some time on your company site and concentrate on products and quality then you set your keywords according to your products and your service. The most obvious is the direct description of our product, for example widgets if you are selling blue widget then you must set your keywords like "widgets" or "blue widgets". If you select your keyword blue widgets then your site must display in the result of the search engine. If you have a product which is stain killer then you set your keywords as "stain remover" or "stain killer", these types of keywords helps to search your site. If you have web Design Company then you must select any keywords like "web design", "web designing", "web page design", "internet web site design", "web design and development", "web site design" and many more, these types of keywords helps a site to make the future of the web site.

Site description statements: one thing keywords are not the only way to promote your website. After the whole analysis you must make a list of 30 keywords, 15 is better. Put them in the order of impotency. Here are five steps to selecting keywords so that you can make the best keyword decision for your SEO strategy.
1. Make a list for selection process: Sit down and think about what your web site is about. What is your product and your preliminary service or what your potential customer thinks about your website? With this process you can make a simple list of keywords for the selection process.
2. Select the alternative of your keywords: Review the list you made in step one and try to come up with alternate keywords that are similar to the ones you listed. For example, if you sell ice cream or cakes bakery products, you could make your list of keywords even more specific by listing the different types of ice cream that you sell. Then your list might be expanded to include chocolate, vanilla, tutti-frutti, dry fruit, mango flavor, banana flavor, and many more. The more specific you can make your keywords, the better your chances of finding keywords that have little competition from other Web sites.
3. Go for some software: Now you just move your side to select the research portion of the keyword selection process. Use some software or web based tool to select more specific keywords for the site.
4. Select Common or popular search word: Review the popularity of each search items on the World Wide Web. This will helps you to select the better keyword and the result of the search engine. Keep one thing in your mind that your keywords are common and which is used by the visitor during any search if your keywords are not searchable then it affect the future of your site.
5. Implement your keywords in your site with the help of the Mata tags, alt-image tags, page title, site maps, and anything else you can use to incorporate the keywords you selected. Keep track of your site statistics so you can see what needs to be changed once you have implemented your keywords.
These are the few tips to research your keywords, because the success of your website may depend on traffic going to your site from search engines.

Keywords Solidity: The true definition of keyword Solidity is the ratio of the word that is being searched for, against the total number of words appearing on a given web page. If your keyword occurs only once or twice in a page of 800 or more words, obviously it has a lower keyword Solidity than a keyword that would occur six or seven times in a page of similar length. For Example: Suppose you have Web Design Company and your web site represents your company world wide, but you have chosen your keyword not according to your contents or nature of your site. You select your keywords regarding PHP, Photoshop, Flash, Animation these words are very rare in the description or a single web page during search your site is stands in the last number of the search engine, because the ratio of the word against the total number of words appearing on the given web page is very less. So these types of ratio destroy the future of your site.

So when you select your keywords you just select those keywords which have solidity on your web page. Solid keywords also help to brighten the future of your site.

So in the end keywords make or break the future of your site. You never select any keyword from anywhere you must be conscious during the selection of the keywords. The future of your site is depending upon the selection of the keywords. If your keywords are solid and also describe your business then it helps to increase the traffic on your site. A big website is not so big if no one finds it. Keep in mind to research your keywords carefully from the Potential consumer's viewpoint and then sit back and watch the traffic roll in!

Alex Roderick

The Author is the owner of a web site design Company, and providing Web Design and Development Solutions to clients across USA and UK for affordable and sensible prices.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our google ppc website.

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