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6 Best Internet Marketing Strategies Proven To Work On Today's Internet
By Dr. Bryan Stoker
The Web offers many Benefits to many people, and one of the most noteworthy benefits is the ability to produce a fortune from something you Enjoy. Whether you like to write, paint, play Games, Design Read more...


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Welcome to KEYWORDS TUTORIAL - your comprehensive how to get more traffic resource.

Below, you'll find extensive information on leading how to get more traffic articles and products to help you on your way to success.

10 Tools To Create Traffic To A Website
By Tisho
So you've built yourself a website, found an awesome product(s) to sell and now you have a boat load of expectation, but the one key ingredient for a successful online business is the one you are missing. Traffic; with out it your online endeavors are doomed to failure. There are many methods for creating traffic. Seems everyone has a story or two with the old cliché "a sure fire secret for getting tons of traffic to your website".

Getting traffic to your website can be a difficult task, if you acquire the wrong information (and trust me there's lots of it out there). But with the right knowledge, it can be a quite pleasant experience. There are many free and paid methods for creating website traffic, all effective if use properly. But it all starts with a well optimized keyword strategy.

An optimized website will not only save you time in the Organic SEO game, it will also save you piles of money in the Paid Search arena. Before developing a website, it is also good practice starts with keyword research and your implementation strategy.

With that said lets look at some traffic creating tools. Below are ten tools to create traffic to website.

1. Google Keyword Tool: One of the best keyword research tools out there. The Google keyword tool provides up to date stats of keyword word search volume. What better way to get keyword data than from worlds leading search engine, than to get it straight from the horse's mouth. This tool also allows you to check keyword pricing within the Google paid inclusion database Adwords. Great thing, as like many of the big g's suite of tools this one is also free.

2. SEO Book: A great resource for creating a foundation

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

of understanding. Written by one of the few search engine optimization super powers Aaron Wall. The seobook.com website is a great resource to get you moving in the write right direction. You will definitely want to check out the tools tab, from keyword analysis to keyword search trends; there are tools for you to explore every facet of the game. Becoming a member of the community at seobook.com was an integral part of me becomes a better search engine marketer.

3. Submit Ease: semi-automated directory submission software that combines both web directory submission and article directory submission in an easy-to-use package. Great tool I've been Able to submit my website to over 1,000 (3,000 remaining) web directories with the all important human feel that the search engines love so much. Also article syndication is a breeze. You are able to submit to over 600 of the top article directories.

4. Bookmarking Demon: This is one of those tools that every online marketer should have in their arsenal whether you like automated tools or not. This is a fully automated social bookmarking and pinging software that will result in unlimited amounts of back links. How else will you be able to create over one hundred Social Bookmarking accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse? It was totally worth the $97 I paid for it back when it was new, it's a bit more now but I don't blame them free upgrades and all the benefits, its well worth the price. (Thank you Edwin Brian).

5. Google Insight Search and Trends: Want to know who is searching for a particular key term. What to know what country, what region, what city is a keyword search most popular. Want to see which search terms are on the rise. These free tools from Google are a great source of inspiration. Works wonders for paid search campaigns, allows you to target keywords by frequently searched country, regions, and city for maximum ROI. Both tools are similar with insight adding a bit more in-depth features. With these tools and a well optimized landing page you can clean up with your paid search campaigns.

6. Fast Blog Finder: Over the past few years SEO has transitioned from who can optimize a web page to reach closest to a 3% keyword density to more of a popularity contest. Meaning the more back links you have to your website the better chance you stand of out ranking your opponent. Just the share number of links is not the say all in this equation, the rank of the pages linking to you also plays a huge role appearing on the first page of Google. What way to get high quality links pointing to your website than a popular weblog (blog)? Not only are these site popular with surfers, they are also popular with the search engine and held in high regards. With Fast Blog Finder software you can find hundreds of themed blogs in minutes! Sure beats the alternative.

7. Animoto: So you need video for your website, but don't know how to use a video camera, so what! No excuse not to have video on the web, Animoto is an awesome tool that allows you to build movie style trailers videos with photos you upload from you computer. You can choose from a variety of music that is preloaded with the service or upload your own. The interface is quite simple, you upload the photos, write a few texts, select your music and they do the rest.

8. Tube Mogul: After you create your videos you want reach your target audience. Lets face it Video sharing is one of the top techniques to get targeted traffic to your website quickly and cost effectively. Tube Mogul is a free video syndication tool that allows you to distribute to multiple video sharing platforms (YouTube Viddler, etc...) How cool is that? For an alternative with more reach. Traffic Geyser includes features such as lead page generators, social bookmarking, advance scheduling, podcasting and more.

9. Keyword Elite: Great keyword research tool that save a ton of time, this tool scours the internet for keywords using variety of source. Instead of spending hours research keywords, let KE do it for you. Build a list of up to 10,000 keywords (of course this will take some time) without all the time spent in front of the computer. The fun doesn't stop there, KE interfaces with Word Tracker and Keyword Discovery to bring you a whole lot of keyword researching power. Find out what keywords your Adwords competitors are buying, spy on you competition, see how optimized their websites are. Keyword Elite is like having you personal all-in-one keyword research tool.

10. Social Media: The social networks are great source of targeted traffic, look at twitter for instance. Twitter's a media baby; everyone's doing it from celebs to ball players. Organize you message and tweet to your hearts content, just remember ad value not take away from it. Facebook is also a viable source of traffic. What are you waiting for? Create your profile, develop your fan page interacting with you audience is a great way to get targeted visitors.

Other Great Tools that missed the list

Traffic Travis


SEO Elite

Web links SEO
Tisho A Richardson is a smart young goal oriented web developer and internet marketer with 4 Years experience as an affiliate marketer and Organic Search Specialist. He's has spent the last 3 years in the role of search marketing consultant, working freelance with small to medium size internet businesses. Founder of the newsfly411.com information directory. He is also An accomplished Musician, loving father of a beautiful girl . Find the latest. Find the latest Marketing eBooks , Traffic Building Articles , and more

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our how to get more traffic website.

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