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Keyword Research - How Important Is It - Is It Expensive?
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Dental - Orthodontic Marketing - How To Test Your Website's Seo On Google - Can Patients Find You?
By Mary Kay Miller

Can you afford to turn away new patients in today's economy?
Using correct HTML keyword code in your orthodontic marketing website is key to driving prospective new patients to your website on Google, the only search engine that matters.
Keywords relate to the words and phrases patients type into the search engines to find you. No matter how great your website... if new patients can't find you on Google and Google Maps in your surrounding demographic...its worthless. It's like having a Porsche with a Yugo engine... Your website won't even be in contention for page one positioning on the search engines unless SEO measures are implemented to increase

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

your website visibility.
90% or more of orthodontic and dental websites are key worded incorrectly. In the past month alone, not one of the website I analyzed were keyword optimized correctly and two weren't even found on Google Maps in there own town... With minor modifications both practices were on Google Maps in less than 2 hours and the other practices improved their ranking on Google, in their demographic, almost immediately.
How does your website stack up? Here is a quick test you can run on your website to see if you are easily found on Google...
1. Go to Google and in the search box type in patient keywords - orthodontist [your city name and state]. Orthodontist is one of the major keywords patients use to search on Google.
2. Does your website show up on page one of Google? Pay Per Click Ads and database advertisers like wellness.com don't count... only organic links on the left that click into a page on your website.
3. Does your practice name and website show up correctly on Google Maps?
4. Now do the same thing again... but this time, one by one substitute the names of all surrounding towns you want to target new patients in your demographic. Does both your website and Google Maps show up on page one in these areas?
If not, I suggest you contact me for a Free consultation to discuss how we can improve your page ranking and increase your Internet marketing presence on Google. If you do test well throughout your demographic, test your site with other keywords patients are using to find an orthodontist in your area. Here's a tip... never use your practice name. It's not a patient keyword.
Simply changing a few keywords now...could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your practice... in the future. If you are only reaching 50% of your demographic... this not only translate into a loss of potential revenue over the years.... it also reduces your click through rate on Google which affects page ranking. Isn't that worth looking into?
Mary Kay Miller is founder and CEO of Orthopreneur Marketing Solutions. offer a free online consultation in the After 30+ years as a business and marketing coordinator for professional practices, Mary Kay has narrowed her marketing expertise to Internet web 2.0 marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and the creation of marketing systems to save teams valuable time and effort.
As an SEO website expert, Mary Kay evaluates professional practice websites for their ability to attract new patients in a particular demographic. Most doctors have no experience in Internet marketing; let alone how to correctly optimize a website with keyword specific coding. Most are missing out on a goldmine of new patient opportunities available on the Internet. Don't be fooled... just because your website was created by a professional website designer, doesn't mean it is key worded optimized correctly for SEO, in all areas you are targeting new patients.
Armed with the latest SEO strategies, Mary Kay Miller will evaluate your website for correct SEO keyword optimization, train you via online webinar to bring you up to speed on SEO tactics, and provide recommended coding to improve SEO to be submitted to your webmaster. For a free 15 minute consultation, contact marykay@orthopreneur.com or call Toll Free 877-295-5611.
You may also download her free 90 page e-Guide " dental websites Marketing Your Practice Through Different Eyes" How To Recession Proof Your Practice To Increase Referrals and New Patient Starts. It is available on her website www.orthopreneur.com.

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our adwords generator website.

Easy Ways To Free Link Building
By Jeyanth Watson
In these turbulent economic times, every penny saved can help in the sustenance and survival of businesses, especially when it comes to small and medium businesses. The best method to secure a Read more...


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