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7 Important Tips For Web Copy Writing
By Eric Amakasu
Writing website content is different from writing for a print publication to some extent. Site visitors focus differently on the web; they skim rather than read. You can’t change their behavior, so Read more...


Work From Home Online: How To Target The Right People For Your Site
By Kim Newport
Most people who market their services on the internet know how important it is to bring in high quantities of visitors, but many don't understand that this traffic needs to be to a targeted audience Read more...

Promote Your Websites!
By Emilyroggers
You should write the correct and the impressive content to make sure that you are selling the most gainfully on the web. The finest savings you can make while developing your website is to spend some Read more...

Writing Ad Descriptions
By codank
Keywords and Pay-Per-Click programs are just the beginning of your PPC campaign. Once you have chosen the specific keywords that you plan on using, you now have to begin putting them to work – Read more...

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How To Make Money On The Internet With The Persuasive Article Bio Box
By Juhani Tontti
When you think how to make money on the internet, each tool has its own job. The article bio box has two jobs. First it has to make the enthusiastic reader to click and to go to the landing page and secondly it has to increase the search engine ranking with the anchor text, which has your keyword included.

1. Make Sure That Your Bio Box Text Is Related To The Article Content.

Do not forget to write your name and your expertise area, which both build your brand image and the trust. But if you think bio box as your tool how to make money on the internet, the reader have to get an answer, what exciting and useful is coming on the landing page.

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Why should I click the link?

2. Get Knowledge About The Search Engine Algorithms, Especially about Google.

A simple answer to the question how to make money on the internet is to help the main search engines to work for you by serving them material, which fits to their algorithms. In a case of Google this means using a so called anchor text with the keyword. Actually the anchor text is the keyword in the hyperlink.

This is the way to tell Google, that it must increase the search engine ranking of your site on the result page of this particular keyword. When you use a so called long tail keyword you can be sure that Google finds more than just one keyword. So you have to please two groups, your readers and the search engines.

3. Keep Your Text Short, Simple But Persuasive.

If the title is the most important part of your article, the bio box comes next. It has a strong meaning in the process, how your reader follows and finally will land on your landing page.

Many readers read the title, then words from here and there and then jump to the bio box. In a way the bio box text must be a concentrated text about the key points in the article to be able to draw the visitor into the landing page in the right state of the mind. If you are successful, you have found out a way to make money from home.

The article reader must feel good, even excited and he must want strongly and quickly click the link to the landing page. The influence of the successful landing page is very emotional, where feelings take over rationality.

The art of the article writing is to make the reader curious and excited. He must feel, that in a way you are hiding something, which could be very useful to him. Now the job of the bio box text is to promise, that the reader will find the missing parts by clicking quickly the link. So the important features of the working bio box are quickness and emotions. If you can make them to work, you will have a great chance to get a sale.
Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. The Article Marketing Is A Great Way To Make Money Working From Home And To Find Ways To Make Extra Money, But Your Bio Box Must Be Correctly Written. Visit: How To Make Money On The Internet

We strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to best keywords that you would like us to cover, please contact us at any time.

And again, thank you to those contributing daily to our keyword software website.

"importance Of Keywords For Seo"
By kamini nanda
Selecting correct keywords is the best way to reach your site, because the keywords can make or break site future. So selecting correct keywords is an art, so that your visitors can reach on your Read more...


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