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How To Use Adwords To Explode Your Business
By Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr.
AdWords, when used properly, will not only grow your business and list exponentially but it is very cost effective as well. There are many people who have tried using a pay-per-click program such as Google AdWords but have failed. Why did they fail?

One of the main reasons that internet marketers fail with their AdWords campaigns is because they are lazy. Honest, but true. AdWords is not a guided missile to riches that you can simply fire and forget. Like all things in life that provide a great reward, a successful AdWords campaign is something that you have to work at.

1.) Understand the Nature of the Beast

The most important thing in a successful AdWords campaign is developing an understanding of the system. It may not be rocket science but it is pretty darned close. Before you begin, head

Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

over to the AdWords site and read the FAQ. Then hit the Google search engine and visit some message boards dedicated to AdWords. If need be, pick up a guide and read it as well. The more that you know about the system and how it works, the more you will be able to take advantage of it.

Take the opinions of others into consideration but do not let them guide you. On some of the internet marketing forums you will find that many people are against AdWords and other pay-per-click systems. Many times this is because they jumped in with both feet before they understood the system and therefore they failed. You are not going to fail because you are going to take the time to do your research BEFORE starting your first campaign.

2.) Set Spending Limits

AdWords gives you the ability to set daily spending limits for keywords. Use this feature to control the cost of your ads. If you only want to spend $75 per day on advertising, set that as your limit and the system will stop serving your ads when your limit has been reached.

3.) Create Relevant Ad Copy

When creating an ad the goal is to achieve top placement at the lowest cost. One way to accomplish this goal is to include your keyword in both the headline and body of your ad. This increases the relevancy of your ad and thereby lowers the cost.

4.) Use Different Types of Keywords

How often your ad is displayed and how it is triggered is really up to you. There are 3 main keyword types that you can use.

Broad Match - example: fine dining - This phrase is entered without quotations or brackets. You ad would be triggered anytime a user enters a search string that included the words "fine" and "dining" regardless of order or placement.

Phrase Match - example "fine dining" - Enter this type of phrase with quotation marks surrounding it. Your ad will be triggered by searches that contain the words "fine dining" in that order.

Exact Match - example: [fine dining] - This type of keyword is entered with brackets. To trigger your ad a user would have to conduct a search that exactly matches the keyword phrase.

Use of keywords and match types can help your keep your costs within reason and lead to a successful AdWords campaign.

The 4 topics discussed here are but a few of the many strategies that you need to learn and understand to be truly successful in the AdWords game. Get as much information as you possibly can and use it to explode your business.
Frank Rumbauskas is a New York Times best-selling author and a Certified Google AdWords Professional. He has been recognized by Google for generating over one million leads with AdWords. For 10 free chapters of Frank's breakthrough AdWords system, please visit www.adwordsinsidesecrets.com

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