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The Best Way To Find Low Cost Keywords For Any Niche
By Andrew Kryzak
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Developing A Profitable Web Business Concept
By shaikh Asif
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The "tell-all" Commission Ritual Review
By Raymond Clarksen
Brian G. Johnson has created a new product called Commission Ritual. Bursting into operation in late July 2008, it rapidly became one of the top sellers listed on Click Bank. Commission Ritual can it Read more...

Better Clickbank Money - How To Use Clickbank To Your Advantage
By Natasha Davies
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The 10 Rules You Must Obey When Choosing Your Domain Name
By Colinw
Although domain names are fairly cheap, it's worth spending a bit of time getting the right one, it can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts.

1. If you want your site to be ranked high by the search engines then it makes a huge difference if your main keyword (Phrase) is in your domain name.

2. .com is always the best extension to have, if people can't remember what is was that is the one they will try. If you are not in the U.S. still get the .com one. Buy the others as well if they are available and redirect them to the .com


Today, on I am bringing some more updated graphic related to the best keywords

Mr. Robert Roger, the Designer and Editor
Robert Roger

Try not to use difficult to spell words, if it can be spelt wrong, it will be. Also simple words are easier to remember. If you must have a difficult to spell word, it may be an idea to buy a misspelt version as well and redirect it.

4. Your company name is not the best domain name unless it is related to your keyword. If you are a plumber this is fine, but on the internet a generic name is much better, you can be much more flexible as you may deal with various other companies.

5. If you can afford it then you should also buy plural versions and hyphenated versions of your site. If you get successful you can be sure that someone else will and try to divert some of your prospects

6. Try to avoid numbers in your domain name. If for some reason you must then but two versions. If it is "2" then buy "2" and "two" etc.

7. The chances are you will not be able to get the name you want. Someone is bound to have got there before you. You will have to be creative. Try adding "my" or "your" or "secret" at the begining. And "site" or "home" or "place" at the end. I'm sure you can come up with more ideas.

8. Funnily enough, sometimes people find a persons name safer than a company name as it appears more personal. Try www.YourLastName.com or both names, or variations.

9. Don't rush, take your time. This is an important decision. The name may be cheap but the marketing isn't. This is your company and it is going to be with you for a long time.

10. Lastly, buy your name from a reputable company. you want to be sure that it will be yours. Also put it on auto-renew, you don't want to lose it because you forgot.

Good luck.
Colin Warburton is a qualified Mortgage Broker and Internet Marketer. For Network Marketing training go to www.residual-income-site.com/domart.html

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