The Good Fortune Foundation
has taken all its pleasure to introduce you
to this Fortunate Powerful Lady!

She says:
As I Have had exceptionally GOOD FORTUNE in my life I wish to share it all with you now.

Here is what you need to do:

Slide on you left hand second finger
from left to right across my face.


Did you feel anything? (hot?)

y "vibes of good luck" were just transferred to you.

Now I want you to begin sharing them with others
right now by shaking their hands and saying:

>> good luck to you<<

Following above  instructions you can be sure that


will stay with you forever!

Please forward this page to your loved one's
so that they also will be enjoying the same Good Fortune. ..

Your GOOD FORTUNE is expanding right NOW!!!
You will notice the changes very soon - please come back here
and test red and blue spheres again.

If you still DO NOT believe in my magic
make sure that you follow this simple test below!
Look directly into the black point between the red and blue spheres.
Do not get distracted! Continue it for at least 30 sec!

no one knows how
Can you see now some strange flashing colours around the spheres?
Yes? - OK - Bingo - Good Fortune is with you.

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